Driving Directions from Airport to One Battaleys Mews

We typically send a PDF of this to our guests who are driving but it's simple, and if lost ask for Holetown and Mullins Beach.As you exit the airport you will come to a roundabout. This roundabout provides the option to go left, right or straight – go straight and proceed onto the highway.

Continue along this road, going straight at all roundabouts until you reach the Sir Gary Sobers Roundabout. Keep straight and stay in the right lane as you follow the road, stopping only at the give way junction (opposite the Sol gas station) and following the lane as it bears right; around a Rubis gas station.

Veer into the left lane and follow the road up the slight incline and to the roundabout keeping in the by-pass lane. As you reconnect with the main highway you will keep straight at all roundabouts (staying in the right lane). At the roundabout, adjacent to The Chefette Restaurant in Warrens, turn right. Continue straight through the next two roundabouts in Redman’s Village (the first adjacent to Marshalls Trading while the latter is just beyond the Sol Gas Station). 

Continue along the highway for approximately one minute before reaching a sign on the left which reads “Sandy Lane Golf Club”, take the left turn directly following the sign. Follow this winding road until you reach the coast; this road will run perpendicular to you as you approach the junction.

At that junction turn right and continue along the road passing Coral Reef and Colony Club Hotel on the left. Continue along passing Glitter Bay and Royal Pavilion Hotel also on your left. In Weston, you will also pass a Fire Station and Fish Market on your left, Mullins Beach is approximately 3 minutes drive from this point. Driving slowly, you will see Mullins Beach Restaurant on your left; your exit is the right turn following this open window to the sea into Mullins Terrace; just before the Rubis Gas station.

On turning right, make the first left turn; there is a Battaleys Mews sign on the lamp post just opposite this turn. Follow the road travelling straight ahead and you will see the Battaleys Mews development on your right.  The gate code will be advised prior to your stay.

Should you have any difficulties locating the property, you can contact your Property Manager whose name and number will be provided before your stay.

If you need to rent a car for your visit, get in touch with Go Electric Rentals. Mention One Battaleys Mews and you will not only get a special rate, they will also bring a car to the house when you are settled in if arranged prior to arrival